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Great Game

But needs an award panel, showing you what you would win, when you get something on the lines, and a picture of the lines you win on, or a diagram. The lines seem to be a X, and a line in the middle of it, I think, not sure.

Could Be Great....But

I find this to be a very entertaining slots game with great sound effects. I especially love the Treasure Chest spin wheel, probably the best mini bonus game of all the slot games out there. Having said all of that, there is one big problem with this game. When you exit the application, you lose all of your accumulated credits. The first time I played this slot, I earned almost 10,000 credits. When I exited and returned to play, it reset and I started over with 50 credits. All of the other slot apps save your earnings except this one. Fix this in an update and I would rate it five stars.


Game is ok needs a max bet button and pay lines to show you where your pays line up. Not what I expected but could use some real improvements.

Has potential if updated

Love some of the bonuses and the sound effects Suggestions for 5 stars: 1. Max bet button 2. Rebet button 3. Multiplier spots on big wheel or better spots for bigger bets 4. Get rid of negative symbol (lose spot would be ok) 5. Only enter bonus sequences if bonus symbol is hit on last reel 6. More paylines and a payline diagram 7. Pays explainations 8. Wild symbols 9. Higher number of matched symbols for actual positive wins 10. Cool graphic and noise for hitting bonus symbol on last reel (maybe bubbles up the screen and bubbles sound effect)

Needs some improvement

To start this game needs a repeat bet or max bet button. Why do you lose your credits when you exit? When the reels are spinning there is this clicking noise that gets old quick. Oh well maybe theres room for improvement.

I like the game...But

Where is the max bet? Why cant I SAVE my game? My money is reset each time I close the game. I would love to see payout list as well. Good start but now that you have my money, I want more value. Add more features to make it worth the price. I look forward to UPDATES SOON.

Game needs max bet

I will change my vote when you add max bet and a save option. As it stands now...I want my money back. Its not realistic at all right now.

Please update to be realistic

Not very realistic with paylines. Payouts on lines that are not expected to payout. Definately need max bet choice or even 25, 50, 75 bet choices. Dont like starting over either once exiting the game.

Santas Helper

Great game...lots of opportunity to win big...needs to be able to save credits though...not much good if it cant do that...also indistinct pay lines...doesnt make much if any sense

Good Game

Good game, lots of fun.

Waste of money!

This program is boring and you cant even save your credits. Dont bother downloading it. You could spend 1.99 on something way better. My fav slots are The ReeL Deal slots. ;)


boring .. to expensive


Only 3 lines win which is stupid please save your money

Needs some updates then it will be really fun!

Why cant I save my game?!?! Must improve this feature. Also need to see my balance up on the screen. If these updated are done, it will be a better game which I would then give 5 stars!!!!

Worse slot I ever played

This is a bad slot dont waste your money

Another terrible preschool slot game

Do not waste your money I did it for us!!! Bad game, terrible graphics, looks like it was designed by a preschooler and the bonus is terrible!!!

Not the best slots game

As far as slot games go, this one has its features, but I cant say that it is even above average, it needs something more, if the suggestions from the other reviewers are addressed, then this could possibly be quite a good game of slots.

Like this app

I really like this app. Its a great app for people who like to play video slots. My only suggestion would be to allow to continue a game after leaving the app.

aqua slots

it is junk wont work, dont waste yor time or money.....


Im new to this and this game is a waste of time and your money

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